Smado - Home automation system

Smado (Smart Domus or smart home) is a home automation system based on the concept of “Internet of Things”, wherein every kind of gizmo (appliance,wall-socket,sensors etc) in the house is connected together as a network. The Smado system does this by forming a WPAN (wireless personal area network) of the gizmos, the network in turn is connected to the Internet as well. WPANs are very short range self-organizing (read ‘Plug n Play’) wireless networks. Their self-organizing ability makes them easy to deploy: just buy a new device, bring it home and switch it on. That is all you need to do. The user interface for the system is web based and can be accessed from any web enabled device.

TeMo – Telerobotics over Mobile packet data services

TeMo is a tele-operated mobile internet robot. While other internet robots mostly use WiFi (or a nearby PC with an internet connection), TeMo connects to the internet using Mobile packed data services (e.g. GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / HSDPA). The advantage is virtually unlimited mobility for the robot.

Building a basic robotic platform

Here is basic robotic platform built using Lego technic blocks, some servo motors and a microcontroller. The robot can move around, has a robotic arm and can be programmed for a variety of motions. The platform can easily be equipped with sensors, connectivity modules.  

Here is a video demonstrating some of the motion capabilities of the robot:

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